Isolated on white road sign. This sign is using to stop people before they can reach area of restoration or building works. Do not enter! Close-up object.

Oh gosh, I really have to come clean. According to the article presented in Thing 11 (and I have not doubt it has been researched, and is factual), I am a copyright criminal 😦

I was always under the impression (but there again, impressions are not necessarily founded) that for as long as the material was copyable or downloadable, and for as long as I cited the source of the material I had copied, than I was safe….now I know that I was not! Now I say, let by-gones be by-gones and let me take this opportunity to reform. I will start by reading up on Creative Commons and watch the video clips carefully again  to ensure understanding and appropriate use of material in the future.

I used the advanced google search for ‘Indifference Curves’ with the most permissive creative commons rights and did generate a number of images (much, much fewer that the ones generated by a general search on Google). When I went through the images, much to my disappointment, I realised that many of them were linked to Wikipedia, a source which I usually prefer not to use, or use with loads of discretion.


source: Silverstar

Consequently, I feel that not only is my search now limited, but the sources from which I can chose from are also rather limiting. Further, it am unsure as to whether I have actually identified the contributor properly…another minus.

So, whilst it is sensible and fair to ensure that copyright is respected, especially because we are operating in the education field, I feel that authors should give some more leeway for the use of their work, otherwise the propagation of knowledge is going to be severely hindered.